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Microsoft donations for NFP organisations

Microsoft is extending a generous contribution to non-profit organisations in Australia by providing them with a donation that includes a Microsoft 365 subscription and  $2,000 USD* worth of credit on Microsoft Azure. This grant encompasses the provision of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for a maximum of 10 users, along with Microsoft Azure credits. Such support aims to enhance the productivity and efficiency of non-profit entities in the Australian community, enabling them to operate with greater speed and effectiveness. The inclusion of the Microsoft 365 suite will empower these organisations to enhance performance through cloud technology, making this donation a commendable means of backing any aspirations your organisation may have to upgrade existing systems or migrate from older on-premises solutions.

What is Microsoft 365, and what does it include?

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of integrated productivity tools and services offered by Microsoft. It goes beyond traditional software applications and brings together a range of applications and services that facilitate efficient communication, collaboration, and productivity in both personal and professional settings. Microsoft 365 includes familiar applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are essential for document creation, data analysis, presentations, and email management. Additionally, it offers cloud-based features and services such as OneDrive for secure file storage and sharing, Microsoft Teams for seamless team collaboration, and SharePoint for building intranet sites and managing content.

With Microsoft 365, users can access their tools and documents from virtually anywhere, fostering flexibility and enabling individuals and teams to work together effectively, whether in the office or on the go.

One of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 is that it helps businesses keep their data safe from cyberattacks using built-in security features that help block malicious emails and protect against online threats. In addition, Microsoft 365 provides compliance tools to help businesses meet industry regulations as well as regular updates and new features as they become available.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft 365 and Azure are two of the most popular cloud-based platforms available today. Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools, while Microsoft Azure provides a robust set of infrastructure and platform services. Both platforms offer organisations several benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability, and agility. Using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure also provide enhanced security features that can help protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Who is eligible for the donation of Microsoft 365 and Azure Credits?

Microsoft 365 is available to Australian non-profit organisations. If the organisation is a deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or listed by name in the tax law; charities registered with the Australian Charities and Nonprofits Commission (ACNC); or income tax-exempt not-for-profit organisations as defined by the ATO, they are able to access Microsoft 365 Business Premium License and up to $3,500 USD in Azure Credits.

Microsoft donations to non-profits

Microsoft is deeply committed to empowering non-profit organisations through a range of impactful donations. By leveraging the resources available to them, Microsoft extends its support to non-profits, enabling them to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Through this initiative, eligible non-profits can access a variety of Microsoft products and services tailored to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. These offerings include donations of Microsoft 365 subscriptions and more. This comprehensive suite of resources equips non-profits to streamline communication, collaborate seamlessly, and manage their workflows with ease. By embracing Microsoft’s donations, non-profit organisations can amplify their impact, foster innovation, and drive positive change in the areas that matter most.

About the Microsoft donation program

The Microsoft donation program stands as a testament to Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to fostering positive change and supporting non-profit organisations worldwide. Through this program, Microsoft offers a helping hand to non-profits by providing them with access to essential technological resources that can amplify their efforts and drive meaningful impact. This philanthropic endeavour underscores Microsoft’s dedication to equipping non-profits with the capabilities they need to excel in their missions.

How to apply for the donation of Microsoft 365

To apply for the Microsoft donations to non-profits, you can visit the Microsoft website here.

You will need to provide the following information about your organisation:

  • Organisation’s legal name
  • Organisation address
  • Organisation website
  • Organisation email
  • Mission statement
  • Annual operations budget
  • Legal registration details

Once your application is submitted, Microsoft will assess the provided information to ensure that all criteria are met. For more information on legibility or instructions on how to access a Microsoft grant, contact our team today. 

Other Microsoft donation requests

In addition to its core donation program, Microsoft offers various avenues for organisations to request support tailored to their unique needs. These alternative Microsoft donation requests enable non-profits to access a diverse array of resources that align with their specific goals and requirements. By staying attuned to these developments, we ensure that our valued customers are informed about these fresh avenues of support.

Empire Technologies is a top provider of Microsoft 365 in Australia. We can help you get set up with the Microsoft donation program so that you can start using it to improve your productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of this great opportunity.

*This information was last updated on December 15, 2023.