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MS Teams & Zoom Meetings Security

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on a world scale, businesses have started moving to remote office rapidly. Many companies did not have the home office habit, having to adapt the environment to the new scenario.

During this COVID-19 pandemic Zoom has reported having 200 million daily meetings whereas, before the outbreak, Zoom used to have 10 million meetings monthly. Zoom has been suffering from its security and privacy issues, where the meetings are constantly being hijacked.

Jared Spataro has demonstrated that Microsoft Teams is a much more mature product when it comes to security and privacy. Teams provide a variety of privacy and security controls where you can manage participants in your meeting and restrict meeting information.

“You can also remove participants during a meeting, designate ‘presenters’ and ‘attendees’, and control which meeting participants can present content. And with guest access, you can add people from outside your organisation but still retain control over your data,” he continues.

“Moderation allows you to control who is and isn’t allowed to post and share content. And advanced artificial intelligence (AI) monitors chats to help prevent negative behaviours like bullying and harassment.”

Another issue that Zoom has recognised  is related to encryption where they use AES-128 key in electronic codebook (ECB) mode instead of AES-256 encryption. On the other hand, Jared Spataro explains that Teams encrypt data in transit and at rest, storing data in Microsoft’s secure network of Datacenter’s and using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for video, audio, and desktop sharing.

CitizenLab shows a report that exposes encryption Zoom vulnerabilities. The report examines the encryption that protects meetings in the popular Zoom teleconference app. We find that Zoom has “rolled their own” encryption scheme, which has significant weaknesses. Besides, we identify potential areas of concern in Zoom’s infrastructure, including observing the transmission of meeting encryption keys through China.

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