Cybersecurity encompasses any action taken to protect an enterprise against cyber-attacks, unauthorized access, or harm to/loss of data. This involves dedicated systems, software, architectures, and even user training.

Our security transformation services allow clients to continuously protect, prevent and monitor their IT assets, flagging potential threats and mitigating against internal and external security risks.

Next-genfirewall (NGFW)

Digital innovation has transformed organisation networks, including breakthrough competencies to improve commercial enterprise outcomes, whilst at the same time exposing them to new vulnerabilities. With the speedy proliferation of mobile computing, IoT, multi-cloud deployment, and shadow IT, attack surfaces have dramatically expanded, adding complexity and making enterprise networks at risk of advanced attacks.

The Next Generation of Firewall allows security-pushed networking and consolidate industry-leading safety skills inclusive of intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, and automated threat protection. NGFWs meet the performance required of highly scalable, hybrid IT architectures, enabling the business to reduce complexity and control security risks

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Next-gen antivirus (NGAV)

Next-Generation Antivirus takes traditional antivirus software to a new, advanced level of endpoint security protection. It goes beyond known file-based malware signatures and heuristics because it is a system-centric, cloud-based approach. It makes uses of predictive analytics pushed by machine learning and artificial intelligence that combines with threat intelligence to:

  • Detect and prevent malware and fileless non-malware attacks;
  • Identify malicious behaviour and TTPs from unknown sources;
  • Collect and analyze comprehensive endpoint data to determine root causes;
  • Respond to new and emerging threats that previously go undetected.

Disaster and recovery

Cyber security

No business ever hopes for a disaster, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t anticipate one. In today’s world, downtime and disasters can strike at any time and have serious repercussions.

Follow these steps to help your business be prepared:

IT support solutions - business applications.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan.

IT support solutions - productivity.

Test Continuity plans often

Cyber security solutions - Ensure you have an offsite Secondary Data Protection.

Ensure you have an offsite Secondary Data Protection

IT support solutions - infrastructure.

Automate regular backups

Email protection

Concerned about the amount of phishing email and spam that your organisation is receiving on a daily basis?

Empire Technologies can provide a Cloud Email Security that is an independently validated and top-rated Secure Email Gateway solution delivering >99.5% spam detection rate, multiple layers of malware detection and an extremely low false-positive rate. It consists of analyst recommended Advanced Threat Defence Capabilities as well as a full complement of data protection features. Fully managed through us permits you to focus on your business by relying on a trusted security expert to manage this key infrastructure security component.

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