At Empire Technologies, we believe in Not-for-profit organisations and their mission to impact the greatest challenges facing our world. We understand the important activities your organisations must undertake, and we want to support you all the way through. We have a passion around this sector, and we want to ensure that your organisation is efficient, secure and empowered.

We understand the compliance that is required by the ATO & ACNC, as well as the laws around private and confidential data.

Empire Technologies offerings for not-for-profits


Not-for-profit packaged offers

Not-for-Profits want to focus on their mission and let their IT work for them without having to worry about the little things. We are providing Not-for-Profit rates for our Empire Packages.

These include:

  • Business Email
  • Office Applications
  • Email Backup
  • Basic Implementation for your organisation
  • Level 1 – Support

Cyber security consultation

Not-for-Profit organisations often lack the resources and funding to configure a strong IT environment to mitigate their cyber security risk. As a result, we are providing a free cyber security consultation to all Not-for-Profit organisations.

This consists of:

  • IT Health Check
  • Domain Review
  • Recommendation from Empire Technologies

Discounted professional services

Empire Technologies want to support Not-for-Profits to achieve more. We are offering discounted professional services rate to Not-for-Profits when they require our services.

We are here to support you

As your IT services provider, we take the time to understand your challenges. We spend time with you to help identify gaps and highlight areas of improvement within your IT domain. Each design is tailored by one of our certified specialists, in line with the best interests of your organisation. We are passionate about providing custom solutions that are right for you. We want to be able to enable and empower you to focus on your respective mission and reach the greatest social impact.

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Our Vendor Offerings For Not-For-Profits

The CIS Controls™ are a prioritised set of actions that collectively form a defense-in-depth set of best practices that mitigate the most common attacks against systems and networks. TheCIS Controls are developed by a community of IT experts who apply their first-hand experience as cyber defenders to create these globally accepted security best practices. The experts who develop the CIS Controls come from a wide range of sectors including retail, manufacturing. Healthcare, education, government, defence, and others.

IT support solutions - productivity.


Microsoft provides eligible Not-for-Profits multiple donations within the productivity space.

  • Up to 10 Microsoft 365 Business Premium Licenses
  • Up to 300 Microsoft 365 Business Basic Licenses
IT support solutions - infrastructure.


Microsoft offers eligible Not-for-Profits a grant of approximately $5000 (AUD) to use on Azure services.

IT support solutions - business applications.

Business applications

Microsoft provides eligible Not-for-Profits multiple donations within the Business Applications space.

  • Up to 5 Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Licenses
  • Up to 10 Microsoft Power Apps ’per App’ Plan Seats

Empire Technologies Offerings For Not-For-Profits

At Empire Technologies, we want to ensure that Not-for-Profit organisations are receiving the best services possible. It is imperative to ensure that your IT environment is secured and optimised correctly to your organisational needs.

We understand the challenges Not-for-Profits face, therefore we are providing the following offers to Not-for-Profits.

Focus on your beneficiaries

Let us assist you in driving the greatest societal impact, whilst you focus on your mission.